Important (Things you need to know!)

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17 weeks ago
Rules / Code-of-Conduct
AKA - How we roll and what we're all about.
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17 weeks ago

General (Everything else)

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Derf's Blog Reborn
General FC Forum
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17 weeks ago
Introduce yourself!
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20 weeks ago
Think something needs improvement? Post it up here!
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16 weeks ago

Raiding (Primals / Coil / Alexander)

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16 weeks ago
Content Clears
Stuck on a raid? Primals got you down? Post here and we'll see what we can do.
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17 weeks ago
Everything you wanted to know about the raid content in FFXIV.
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16 weeks ago

Crafting/Gathering (Everything DoH/DoL)

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Post here if you need something crafted.
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16 weeks ago
Crafting/Gathering General
Guides, Introductions, whatever!
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17 weeks ago

Class Forums (Everything DoW/DoM)

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Hit em' with your flute, fluteman!
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Black Mage
Unlimited….. POWERRRR!
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Quit standing in the fire.
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Easy Peasy Paladeezy
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Breathe Deep To Win Teamwork Cuts Through The Foul Odor Of Obsession Download Movies
18 weeks ago
Not to be confused with gentlemen.
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16 weeks ago
F***ing Carbuncle!
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The manlier of the tanks.
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White Mage
Holy spam.
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